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"CANADIAN RPAS STUDY GUIDE - Basic and Advanced Pilot Operations" This study guide has been developed both for individuals looking to prepare to write Transport Canada's Basic or Advanced RPAS licence, and as a handy reference guide for existing RPAS professionals. This publication contains all the required information detailed in TP15263 Third edition, Knowledge Requirements for Pilots of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (250g-25kg), operating within Visual Line Of Sight (VLOS). This book describes in detail each required section; from the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR's) to Human Factors.


MIR Aviation is an Industry Leader in Support  Services for Professional Operators

If you are, or want to take your operation to the next level, seeking out lucrative professional contract services then you need us! MIR Aviation excels in providing the proper documentation you will need to be considered as a candidate in bidding for these services. We are experienced with producing Operating Manuals, Safety Manuals and other documentation to secure lucrative contracts. MIR Aviation has experience in both Canada and the United States in regulatory issues. We pride ourselves in providing "wrap around" services to or clients. Questions? Need help? contact [email protected]



On January 9, 2019 Transport Canada  announced the NEW RPAS/UAV REGULATIONS and  KNOWLEDGE REQUIREMENTS for activity in Canada. Implemntation date was June 1, 2019. Anyone flying a RPAS/UAV over 250g will now be required to undertake new licencing procedures. These changes are significant  but not hard to achieve. MIR Aviation has courses to support you with these changes. 

MIR Aviation ensures our customers obtain the knowledge required to use the RPAS/UAV equipment, while providing safe, and regulation compliant operations.

David Curry - CEO

David brings to MIR Aviation 36 years of solid aviation experience, demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the Aviation sector. He has a diverse background that includes experience as a Pilot, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Aviation Manager. After retiring from a large multinational oil company David took his experiences into a position as Lead Aviation Safety Investigator/ Auditor.

He has both Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS), and ISO 9001 accreditation and is a member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators.

David also has experience as a part time Instructor of Avionics and Electrical Systems at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). His passion is” safety” and it is his philosophy that forms our guiding principle ”SAFETY in the AIR, BEGINS on the GROUND.”

His many years of Aviation experience, demonstrated skills in teaching, and his in-depth understanding and Knowledge to Transport Canada’s CAR’s is what makes MIR Aviation a UAV/Drone industry leader. This creates a competitive advantage for our clients.

David Curry
MIR Aviation, CEO 

Stay part of the dialogue with David, implementation of Transport Canada's new Regulations and Knowledge Requirements came into effect on JUNE 1, 2019.

 David will continue to mentor and share his knowledge and understanding of a"all things" Aviation to the emerging RPAS/UAV operators in Canada.

Have a question? Contact MIR Aviation at

[email protected]

MIR Aviation Products & Services


MIR Aviation's online courses are compliant with the Transport Canada's NEW Regulations and Knowledge Reguirements for both the BASIC and ADVANCED RPAS licencing exams. From the aspiring new Pilot to the Experienced Professional Operator we can deliver expert training to support you licencing .

 COURSE SELECTION -ADVANCED EXAM PREP, online or blended delivery



contact us at info@miraviation.com for questions or clarifications


All UAV pilots seeking an ADVANCED OPERATIONS licence are required to participate in a two-step testing process. After obtaining a pass on Transport Canada's (TC) online exam, a demonstration of flight skills during a FLIGHT REVIEW is required. This is a hands-on display of flying skills as well as a demonstration of the New Regulation and Knowledge Requirements.

MIR Aviation is a TC approved Flight Review Facility.

FLIGHT REVIEW's are now available in:



email [email protected]  to request date and time. Payment is done online. 

Cost - $300.00 + GST


MIR Aviation will provide your company with the required documentation to ensure your safe RPAS/UAV/Drone operations. We have extensive experience writing Company Operating Manuals (COM), Safety Operating Procedures (SOP) and related policy and procedures.

As the professional RPAS/UAV/ Drone industry enters into the broader Aviation industry these documents will become integral in securing large, lucrative contracts.

Safety is a key component of MIR Aviation's services, as reflected in our belief “ Safety in the Air Begins on the Ground”.

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MIR Aviation’s CEO is an experienced ISO 9001 Aviation Auditor.

We offer expert RPAS audit and assessment services to ensure safe UAV services operations.  

We help you gain a competitive advantage, minimize operational risks, and ensure regulation compliance. Audits weill allow you to be considered for a wider professional market.

MIR Aviation is experienced in quantifying and qualifying risk management and protection strategies in all areas of general aviation.

We are available to audit your organization or others that you contract with to ensure compliance on standards.

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Check out the benefits of a MIR Membership, as we continue to support and mentor UAV/Drone Operations as we join the Aviation Sector.

We have other "tools of the trade" available for purchase. Such as MIR Aviation's own "Journey and Technical Log Book" and  soon to be published "Advanced RPAS Study Guide for Transport Canada's Licencing Exam". Anticipated release date March 2020.

Check out the TETHRED RPAS SYSTEM now available from MIR Aviation. A unique application that allows for extended time in the air.

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Learn how to improve your TEST RESULTS for Transport Canada’s timed online licencing exams.

MIR Aviation will provide you with strategies and techniques for writing timed, online, multiple choice test taking. 
MIR Aviation PDF is available free to YOU today, with a click of a button.

Learn how to improve your TEST RESULTS for Transport Canada’s timed online licencing exams.

MIR Aviation will provide you with strategies and techniques for writing timed, online, multiple choice test taking. Great opportunity to  enhance your performance on the licencing exams. MIR Aviation PDF  is available free to YOU  today, with a click of a button.

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            ADVANCED RPAS PILOT OPERATING TRAINING                                        

The professional RPAS/UAV industry is rapidly expanding with numerous new applications being identified.
MIr Aviation is an industry leader in RPAS/UAV training. We are an experienced, and Transport Canada (TC) recognised RPAS/UAV Flight Training School.
We pride ourselves in offering our clients high quality, wrap around supports and services that provide a competitive advantage. We can help you with Training, Licensing, Company Operation Manuals, Risk Assessments, and Operational Audits . All are required elements for a successful operation.
We can provide you with a competitive advantage with our Training, Flight Reviews, Company Operation Manuals, Risk Assessment and Operational Audit services.
Our training incorporates TC’s New Regulations and Knowledge Requirements. Take the first step by registering  our  ADVANCED RPAS PILOT Training - Part 1 online course. Part 2 of the Advanced RPAS PILOT Training is the FLIGHT REVIEW.



"Mir Aviation is a great aviation industry resource that helped us to improve our UAV program. With their help we successfully met an international client’s aviation program requirement allowing us access to UAV contracts. We will continue lean on their experience and depth of knowledge for ongoing support."

Adam Cocks
General Manager
Rainbow Riggers

"MIR Aviation are true professionals. I am a university researcher using drones to document heritage at risk in Alberta and the Canadian Arctic. MIR Aviation provided top notch instruction and support to members of our research group, ensuring we had all of the necessary information and training to fly safe and meet all current government regulations. David has even assisted us with several important heritage documentation projects - I can't recommend MIR Aviation strongly enough. "

Dr. Peter C. Dawson
Professor, Interim Department Head, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology. Research Associate, Arctic Institute of North America. University of Calgary

"Environmental monitoring and sampling activities with the aid of UAV platforms are developing rapidly. The professional training and hands-on experience received from MIR Aviation provided sufficient knowledge and expertise to be able to choose an appropriate UAV platform, carry out field-based research activities and to operate safely. I would highly recommend the training courses provided by MIR Aviation."

James Brydie
General Manager
Inno Tech Alberta

"MIR Aviation trained 6 of our Fire Services members, their knowledge and experience in aviation and RPAS is second to none. The professionally developed program is industry leading and cutting edge. We would recommend MIR Aviation to all First Responders as they met and exceeded our needs and requirements. "

Steven Debienne
Fire Chief - Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services

Satisfied Customers

University of Calgary

Acho Dene KOE First Nation

Tlicho Government

Ocupational Haelth and Safety Alberta Government

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Akaitchotg Territory Government Dene First Nation

Brookfield Residential

Canadian Department of Fisheries & Oceans

Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services

Fahler Fire Department


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Understanding Transport Canada’s Announcement

MIR Aviation will provide to subscribers further updates and clarification to Transport Canada’s announcement during the implementation phase of the regulatory changes.